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About Us

We are a local needlepoint store in Bunnell, Florida, just off I95 between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine.

The shop has experienced many incarnations as a cross stitch and needlepoint store in various locations but is now just a small, friendly stitching retailer geared towards needlepointers of all levels.  We are not fancy!

The store is named after the owner Mary-Katherine’s mother, Sally, affectionately known as The Radish.  Sadly, Sally is no longer with us but she lives on in Spirit.  Sally was a creative visionary skilled in many crafts, cooking, and gardening.  She inculcated these interests in her 3 daughters, each one of her Roots.  Sally liked to color outside the lines on many occasions and believed that perfectionism is the enemy of good enough.

Together with her sisters Margaret and Meredith, Mary-Katherine hopes you will enjoy the camaraderie, creativity and artistry, and joy of needlepoint as much as they do.  Soothing and restorative to the Soul, needlepoint is as much therapy as it is art: Meditative, tactile, and sensory, it engages and calms all aspects of the mind, body, spirit complex.  As a certified yoga and meditation instructor, Mary-Katherine believes the practice of needlepoint goes hand in hand and is an essential  counterbalance to the digital and technological age.

Stay tuned for free meditations, yoga nidra and stitching retreats, and all upcoming events at Radish Roots Needlepoint!



Radish Root 1

My stitching journey began when I was  9 or 10.  I gave my grandmother a stitched tree which I designed.  It was tiny and self-finished in a frame on 13 mesh.  The stitches go every which way.  I didn’t stitch again until I spent a summer in bed with pneumonia – a Bucilla pink elephant kit, unfinished and long gone.  I completed an embroidered sampler when I was 16, started when I was 10.  It’s a gem and hangs in our shop restroom as an ode to “How Not to Stitch Letters.”

At Radish Roots Needlepoint, I am The Big Sister, Root 1, and Large in Charge, always scheming up ways to have fun.  I like fun.  A lot.  I lived overseas for 17 years so would load up on projects during my annual pilgrimage home in the summer.  As such, I did not take classes and am self-taught via books, stitch chats with my Zoom group (the Roots and @notorious.MLD), and Instagram.  I am not a perfectionist.  For me it is all about being in the moment with canvas, color, needle and thread.  But I will rip if I have to!

Radish Roots was born when the owner of Stitchers Paradise, Ruth, asked me if I’d like to buy her shop.  I said “maybe” – my life is complicated! But then I did and I am so happy I took the leap to invest in a dream come true.  It is truly a family endeavor.

We hope you enjoy gathering with stitching friends, sharing the craft, and making memories and heirlooms as much as we do!  Our mother – THE Radish – is rejoicing in the Great Beyond, knowing her girls are best of friends, even if not the best of stitchers!




Radish Root 2

Our mother, the Radish, fostered in me a love for textile arts.  I’ve gone through many craft phases, many times – needlepoint, knitting, sewing, quilting & more.  Needlepoint, however, has always been the common denominator amongst the sisters.  I enjoy few things more than a stitch session with my sisters and friends to connect, but I also enjoy the relaxing relief of stitching solo when I’m tired or stressed, often listening to an audiobook or watching anything sports-related in the background.  When I was young and money was tight, I stitched patterns from books and loved that challenge; now that I have more discretionary income, I love to support artists transferring their creations straight to canvas.  I’m a minimalist when it comes to stitching, but I love learning, so embrace trying new stitches.  Primarily, I choose what to stitch according to my mood and location – tired and stressed?  Basketweave and/or 13 count projects.  Focused and alert?  A few decorative stitches and 18 count.  Traveling? Small projects only.  At home? Anything is game.  I usually have three – four projects going at one time.

I currently live in Boston(ish) with my husband, but hope we will someday live in walking distance of my two sisters for many reasons, including the ability to stitch together.



Radish Root 3

I like to take claim for starting the needlepoint craze amongst the sisters. I started needlepointing in 1991 because my two older sisters (Root 1 & Root 2) were getting married – only 4 months apart. As a college student, I didn’t have a robust wedding present budget – even for sisters. A thrifty gal, I decided to needlepoint them their wedding gifts – rose pillow for one and bow brick cover for the other. These were the days of counting needlepoint and good eyesight. I was also in a sorority and needlepointing was a great way to pass the time during painful weekly meetings.

After these two projects, I took a long break – but admired my sisters’ needlepoint projects all along.

I picked needlepoint back up during the covid debacle when Root 2 gifted me a large ladybug canvas. Needlepoint became the perfect activity to soothe my brain and an opportunity for lots of Stitch Zooms with friends near and far.

These days I can be found under a great light and magnifier, working through my stash of 18 count canvases so I can spend my remaining days on 13 mesh projects. I delight in basketweave.

I live in Palm Coast, Florida. If we’re lucky, we will see each other at the shop.

Contact Us


4601 E. Moody Blvd.
Ste. B1&2
Bunnell, FL 32110



Summer Hours 6/1:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday:  By Appointment
Wednesday:  10 AM – 4 PM
Thursday:  10 AM 4 PM
Friday: 10 AM – 4 PM
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Sunday: Closed

Radish Roots Needlepoint