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Treasure Braid (4 & 8) (Discontinued)

Treasure Braid is a shiny metallic that comes in size #8. All are braided and will not unravel as you stitch. It is very durable and can be used in longer lengths. It is a soft metallic and covers the canvas well. Size 4 is a good substitute for several ply’s of blending filament. Size 8 is twice the size of the 4. Available in several colors that include High Gloss and Shimmer Colors.

Size 4

8 Colors
6 Cards/ 12 Yards Each
Needlepoint: 22 to 36 ct.
Cross Stitch: 14 to 22 ct.

Size 8
53 Colors
10 Yard Cards
Needlepoint: 13 to 18 ct.
Cross Stitch: 7 to 14 ct.

60% Rayon, 40% Metalized Polyester
Hand Washable
Made in England, Japan & USA

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