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Rainbow Cashmere

Cashmere is a very soft, luxurious fiber. It is made from 100% cashmere, the same as the soft, subtle sweaters that we all admire. It is a dream with which to stitch and glides through the canvas. It is a strong fiber; however do not use overly long lengths as the fuzzy appearance will wear as you stitch. As with all furry fibers, come straight up and go straight down through the canvas. A single ply as it comes off the card will work on 18 count canvas. For 13 or 14 count double the yarn in your needle, but use a slightly larger needle so as to push the canvas threads slightly apart. This will prevent wearing of the Cashmere as you stitch. For a furrier appearance you can use a Nap Brush to pull out the individual fibers to give your stitching a furry, hairy appearance.

(13-18 count canvas with long stitches on 13 & 14 count)

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